Essentials of Gita Champions League (GCL)

Exam Type : Offline or Online, 100 Objective type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) (100 Marks )

Course Material : Will be provided free of charge on Registration GCL Booklet & Bhagavad-Gita As It Is

Syllabus : From GCL Booklet & Bhagavad-Gita As It Is

5th Std - 1st Chapter
6th Std - 2nd Chapter
7th Std - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Chapter
8th Std - 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Chapter
9th Std - 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, Chapter
10th Std - 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th)

Eligibility criteria : Standard V to Standard X

Registration Fee : Rs. 70/- (Children will receive two books worth Rs. 150 against th registration fees)

Medium of exam : Hindi, Marathi & English

Date/Time of exam : To be Decided

Examination Center : Respective School itself.

Exam Paper : 100 Questions from GCL Booklet & BhagavadGita As It Is. (100 Marks)

Contest Details


  • The registration will be done only through the respective schools.
  • The students need to deposit the registration fees to the respective teacher along with their names and class.
  • GCL Volunteers will collect the registration fees along with the list of students from the teacher. They will also hand over corresponding number of GCL book to the teacher.
  • The teacher after receiving the booklets should give the registration money to the GCL Volunteers.
  • The teacher will hand over the GCL book to the students.




  • GCL Volunteers will hand over the question papers and answer sheets to the teacher few days before the exam.
  • If required, some GCL Volunteers will help the teacher in coordinating the exam for the students in the school.
  • The teacher will collect the answer sheets and question papers from the students and give it back to the GCL volunteers.
  • The teacher will collect the answer sheets and question papers from the students and give it back to the GCL volunteers.
  • The exam paper will consist of any 100 questions from GCL book (100 marks).
  • Medium of contest will be Hindi, Marathi & English.
  • The date of exam is to be decided. The timings will be decided as per the convenience of the school.
  • The examination center for the students will be their respective school itself.
  • No Participant is allowed to enter the Examination Hall after half hour of start of exam.
  • Participants found in possession of any material, which the organizers feel is objectionable, will be treated as a case of mal-practice. His candidature stands immediately cancelled and such participants shall be debarred from the examination. No fees shall be refunded in such case. The decision of the organizers shall be the final and shall be abiding to one and all.
  • The Participants have to get their own pens, pencils, & writing boards for the contest.


  • The venue and the date for the prizes distribution ceremony shall by decided at the sole discretion of the organizers, as per their convenience and the information will be available on GCL website,
  • In all cases and for all decisions, the decision of the organizers shall be final and shall be abiding to all the Participants.
  • Only the Participants who have won the Prizes will be informed by phone about their results without declaring the marks.
  • The list of the winners will also be declared on the GCL website, Only the names and prizes of winners will be mentioned. No marks will be announced.
  • Revaluation request will not be entertained from any of the participants. The Participants are hereby requested to refrain from approaching the GCL Team for rechecking their answer papers.

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