The Rules and Regulations are meant for conducting this herculean competition, the first of its kind in the history with absolutely free registration option. The GITA LEADS Governing Body fervently asks for your enthusiasm and support to make Gita Leads unmatched in the time to come.


1. Registration fee is not compulsary to participate in the contest. Anyone can visit the Gita Leads website and can register.

2. Candidates need to fill their details carefully on the GITA LEADS website registration page, especially email-id and      mobile no. These will be the contact co-ordinates till the end of GITA CHAMPIONS contest

3. On filling the registration form and pressing the button ‘Subscribe’, candidates will be getting a link on their email. Once they confirm the link sent in their email, his/her registration is confirmed. (Parallely the candidate will also be given the details of how he/she can procure hard copies of the GITA LEADS course material. Further details about procuring the course materials are given later)"

4. Candidates will also be getting the link for accessing the online course material during the time of registration.

5. Later on, candidates will also be emailed the process of giving the online exam.


1. In order to access the hard copy of the Gita Leads Course material, kindly check the link

2. Only those participants, who will pay for the hardcopies, will receive a packet from GITA LEADS containing Bhagavad      Gita & LEADERSHIP SUTRAS book, others can access same material online.

3. The courier facility is for benefit of participants; any delay in delivery has to co-ordinated with Courier Company and not      with Gita leads team. However Gita leads can assist on any issue regarding delivery through email id of

4. After your successful registration & payment every participant will receive contact details of corresponding Courier      Company. Participant can also reach to Courier Company through given contact details.

5. Courier Company may not be efficient to deliver at remote places in India.

Online Examination Rules

1. Syllabus: “Leadership Sutras - Based on Bhagavad Gita” by Chaitanya Charan prabhu and 100 selected verses of     Bhagavad Gita As It Is, by HDG AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

2. The online exam will consists of 50% questions from Leadership Sutras book and 50% from the 100 selected versus of Bhagavad Gita As It Is.

3. Medium of contest will be English.

4. There is no Online Exam Test center for GITA LEADS. The participants are free to take the exam from anywhere they      want.

5. Online Exam will be conducted in the month of April / May 2015.It will be made available on the website for a specific      period of few days in the month of April / May 2015, within which candidate will have to attempt it.

6. The exact period of the exam will be displayed on the website soon. The participant will also receive an email prior to the      exam dates from guiding him/her step-by-step for the online exam. Be assured that it will be extremely      user friendly and non-ambiguous.

7. Exam duration will be 30 minutes; It will have multiple choice questions (4 options) in English as selected. Questions will     based on “Leadership Sutras – Based on Bhagavad Gita” and 100 selected verses of Bhagavad Gita As It Is by HDG     AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Questions will not be asked from Gita daily articles, they are provided just for     deeper understanding of Gita & not for contest.

8. The score will be instantly displayed.

​9. Passing percentage for GITA LEADS is 40%.

​10. We have taken all necessary steps to stop malpractice. This is ensured by the advanced features of the test and few       difficult questions to separate the mass from the winners.

11. The GITA LEADS website will be constantly updated as the competition progresses. Please keep checking the same.       And make sure that our email id is not marked as spam, in order you don’t miss our communications.


1. We are also in the process for making provisions for elderly and computer illiterate members of the society so that they     can also study the Bhagavad Gita and write exams.

2. Updates on registration and exam process will be soon communicated on the website and other sources.

Results and Prize Distribution

1. Individual scores will be instantly displayed. The competition will be extremely transparent and the winners will be      decided on the basis of the exam scores.

2. Only those participants who score 50% and above will be awarded a participating certificate.

3. In case of a tie, the tie will be resolved on the basis of a test. The pattern of such a test will be at the sole discretion of     the GITA LEADS Governing Body and shall be abiding to all the participants.

4. The winners will be informed through phone and/or email about their results. Their names will also be displayed on the     GITA LEADS official website.

5. The venue and the date for the prize distribution shall be decided at the sole discretion of the organizers and will be     abiding to all. Information about that will be displayed on the Gita Leads website.

6. The winners have to produce a valid id-proof (PAN card, Driving license etc.) at the prize distribution ceremony without     which the prizes will not be distributed.

7. The free seminars for all participants will be available online on the GITA LEADS official website. Live seminars may be     conducted in areas wherever possible.

8. Finally, all decisions will be at the sole discretion of the GITA LEADS Coordination Body which will be transparent,     unbiased and abiding to all the participants.

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